Since 1965, we have been a world-class natural stone, glass, and ceramic tile company. Founder Don Rymer Senior was the first to import Saltillo tiles to the U.S. from Mexico's Coahuila region. Since its launch, MATERIAL has continued to push beyond the limits of stone manufacturing to deliver the best.

Zhang Tao

CEO & President

MATERIAL CEO and President Tim Roberts' passion for stone and tile started when he was young. Roberts was born into a family of architects and engineers and at the age of 18 he began his career working with a local tile-setter on homes and showrooms in Southern California.

For over 50 years, Roberts applied his talents on a much larger scale. Utilizing his creative vision, expertise, and knowledge, he established a rapport in manufacturing, retail, sales, operations, and marketing, as well as high-end residential and commercial installations. His most notable milestones include opening 65 showrooms, employing well over 300 people, and holding positions with leading top luxury stone and tile brands across the country. He was recently appointed Tile Heritage Foundation Charter Member, furthering his commitment to preserving the legacy of tile.

Outside the office, Roberts enjoys spending time with his wife of 40 years and two children in Portland, Oregon. He returns to his favorite pastimes—analog photography, large format photography, collecting antique tile, surfing, and the outdoors.