YJtiles is a company specializing in the production and sale of ceramic tiles, founded by Zhang Tao in 2003. With over 30 years of experience in the ceramic tile industry, Zhang Tao has gained a deep understanding and unique insights into the industry since he started working in the field at the age of 18.

Inspired by his experience and market insights, Zhang Tao decided to start his own company, YJtiles. The company's goal was to provide high-quality ceramic tile products and professional services to meet the needs of consumers.

In the early days of the company, Zhang Tao faced many challenges and difficulties. He had to work with many suppliers to ensure the quality and stability of the raw materials. Additionally, he faced fierce competition and constantly changing consumer demands in the market. However, through hard work and constant innovation, Zhang Tao was able to improve product quality and service levels, winning the trust and support of a large number of consumers.

Over time, YJtiles has grown into a large-scale company with a high market share in the ceramic tile industry. The company's products cover various materials and styles, adapting to the needs of different consumers. YJtiles has also established a sound sales network and after-sales service system, providing consumers with comprehensive support and service.

Today, YJtiles is a well-known brand in the ceramic tile industry in China, with its products widely used and recognized in both domestic and international markets. Zhang Tao has always adhered to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first", leading the team to constantly innovate and improve, and providing consumers with better products and services.


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