High Quality

United States of America

After purchasing YJtiles' porcelain tiles for resale in the US market, Rita invited their customers to visit and received high praise for the quality of the tiles. This excellent feedback helped Rita win a surge of new customers and orders.

Excellent Design

South Africa

Before purchasing tiles from YJtiles, Maboko conducted extensive inquiries. Thanks to YJtiles' impeccable service, they provided complete home decoration design assistance to Maboko. After receiving the goods, Maboko's wife expressed gratitude and praise for YJtiles.

Trust and Reliance

El Salvador

Jose from El Salvador recently made a large purchase of goods from China and had them shipped to our warehouse for transportation arrangements. Our team successfully ensured the goods arrived promptly and securely at their destination, which earned us the customer's deep appreciation, trust, and confidence. We are thrilled and proud of our work in providing top-notch tiles and service to our valued customers.

Professional Ability


YJtiles provided a series of product certifications and testing reports, successfully helping Francisco clear customs and receive his shipment. Francisco expressed gratitude to YJtiles for providing him with high-quality products and professional services. He was extremely satisfied with YJtiles' product quality and team's professional capabilities, considering them one of the best partners he has worked with in international trade. He looks forward to continuing to work closely with YJtiles in future collaborations to create a better tomorrow.

Brand dealer

Antigua and Barbuda

Hamlet is one of YJtiles' earliest overseas distributors. YJtiles has provided him with a comprehensive supply chain and logistics support, such as customized product catalogs and free delivery of the latest product samples. With YJtiles' assistance, Hamlet's business in Antigua and Barbuda has been thriving, achieving a win-win situation.